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Ready to try again...

My son is 2 1/2 weeks old.  I have been exclusively pumping because he was just killing me!  It was so painful and my nipples were bleeding & it was just awful.  Anyway - I am ready to give it another try.  ANy tips on how to go about this?  Do i still pump?  I purchased a breast shield and was thinking about trying that?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I really want to breastfeed but i am having my doubts if it will be possible.  Breastpumping has been working but i feel like i might be missing out!
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Re: Ready to try again...

  • The first two weeks for me were extremely painful as well.  I used a nipple shield on and off to give me a break from the pain too.  I also used lanolin and breast milk to help my nipples out.  

    However, breastfeeding shouldn't be painful, so I sought the help of a lactation consultant to help get me on the right track.  LO and I are on week 3 now and everything is so much better.  My nipples have healed nicely and I don't dread breastfeeding anymore.  If you can, get an LC to help you out.  Even one good session is worth it!  If that's not possible, watch as many good latching videos as you can find online.

    Here are some to get you started: 

    While pumping is better than nothing, it's rather inefficient at times and you may run into supply issues later.  Your LO is the best way to keep your supply up.

    All the best to you!  

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