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Anyone want my toddler?

I am so frusterated with this phase. He is uber clingy, he would rather rip my house apart than play with anything he owns, he gets so frusterated over everything. I don't let him watch TV during the day, which means that he's nonstop INTO things. I know it's a phase, but with everything going on right now, I'm stressed to my max and I just want to cry. Alot. Mike's working a bunch, and he comes home and goes trotting off to practice his guitar or do his consulting stuff, and I'm just tired. Ben went to Emilie's yesterday, and he was good, and he's a terror for me. Is it because I'm mom? He was great for my MIL today too, and he's just been screeching/yelling/throwing fits all afternoon for me.

  I know that I should be thankful that he's healthy now, especially after everything that we went through last year.

 I'm sorry for venting.

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Re: Anyone want my toddler?

  • Oh. And you can have Emma too. At least she is fluffy.
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  • Apparently Charlotte saves all her whiny tantrums for me, or so my mother, sister and husband keep telling me. Thanks a lot. I'm sorry he is being tough - even phases are hard, though they don't always last so long. 
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  • They're always worse for mommy!  In my very limited experience, I would just say to keep reinforcing boundaries with him.  (i.e., you can't pull all the tupperware out of the cabinet or every toy off the shelf)  He'll get the hint eventually.

    You staying home is new to him, so he is trying to learn the new norm just like you are.

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    Sorry :(  And yes, kids are always worse for mommy.  They know you can't give them back :)


    True freakin' story.  As I said to you yesterday - they know how to push our buttons!!

  • Toddlerhood is very challenging, but very rewarding at the same time :)   You two will find your way through it!
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