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TTC After a Loss

~*~*~August Angels Check In~*~*~

This check-in is for mommies who lost a baby due in the month of August (any year), and any late loss mommies who gave birth and lost their precious angel in August.  If you?re new to the check in, welcome.  I?m so sorry you find yourself here but hope you find the love and support you need from the amazing women on TTCAL.  Tell us a bit about yourself, where you are in the TTCAL process, and don?t forget to include your August EDD or birth date.

How are you lovely ladies doing this week?  Where are you in the TTCAL process this week? Any appointments coming up?  

I've been taking a pseudo-break from Bumping, so I apologize if I've missed anything.

MAJOR congrats to Ax2 on her BFP!!  We wish you all the best of luck with this pregnancy and will be lurking in on you on PgAL!

Lizmitchell15:  I'm so sorry you keep getting BFNs.  Have there been any sure signs of AF, yet?

Crystal8503: Do you know if you O'ed over the weekend like you were hoping to?

Jess8788:  When are you doing your phospholipid screening and HSG?  I'm glad your doc is listening to your requests.  I hope you get some answers, but don't get too concerned if you don't.  I have a friend who had an early m/c and three CPs before getting her healthy, happy take home baby.  Don't give up hope, no matter what!

Babyd617:  How's the TTC going?  Are you taking any measures such as temps and OPKs to determine when you O?

KPsbabyzoe:  How are things going for you?  I'm so glad you made a decision and are going to work on your marriage.  *hugs*

Hrgunasekera1: Did you ever get your fertile CM?

CTA7:  Do you know when you O'ed for sure, or are you pretty sure it was yesterday?

Nana_Osaki06:  So sorry AF showed up and that you have to deal with seeing others getting their BFPs.  *hugs*

RequiresExalted:  You got your smilie face and your O line!! How's the 2ww going for you so far?  

JimiKirkman:  Congrats on the +OPKs and the great OB appointment.  I'm glad you decided to go ahead and try this cycle.  Do you know if you O'ed, yet?  How's your mom doing?

StephRN23:  How's the temping going so far?

Mommyof2littleangels:  How'd your appt. go on the 15th?

Big_Noise:  I'm sorry things aren't cooperating with you right now for your charting efforts.  When do you think you O'ed?

The List:

Lizmitchell15:  EDD 8/27/11
RequiresExalted:  EDD 8/1/12
Mommyof2littleangles:  EDD 8/2/12
Hrgunasekera1:  EDD 8/5/12
Babyd617:  EDD 8/8/12
JimiKirkman:  EDD 8/9/12
CTA7:  EDD 8/11/12
StephRN23:  EDD 8/14/12
Jess8788:  EDD 8/15/12
Big_Noise:  EDD 8/16/12
Maxsom:  EDD 8/17/12
Crystal8503:  EDD 8/25/12
Kpsbabyzoe:  EDD 8/25/12
Nana_Osaki06:  EDD 8/30/12


Roxyttandme:  Haleigh Mae born sleeping 8/14/09
Bluebonnetmeg:  EDD 8/28/11
Tiffmatt:  EDD 8/6/12
Jaimerz1025:  EDD 8/10/12
Ax2:  EDD 8/21/12

Inspirational Quote:



What are your pet peeves?
BFP #1 9-15-11; EDD 5-28-12. US 6w2d, growth

BFP #2 12-6-11 and 12-7-11; EDD 8-17-12. US 6w6d measuring 5w6d. Misoprostol Assisted m/c 1-16-12 at 9w3d.


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Re: ~*~*~August Angels Check In~*~*~

  • Hi, ladies.  I hope everyone is doing well this wee.  *major hugs* to anyone who needs them.  And, a funny tidbit.  I originally typed "*major jugs* to anyone who needs them" but caught the typo.  lol

    I'm doing well this week.  My four day weekend helped out a lot.  I'm so sorry I haven't been around the board much and haven't been all that supportive.  I'm just taking a pseudo-break from Bumping for the time being.  I started using my OPKs again on Monday and will move up to twice a day tomorrow as well as begin BDing tomorrow.  If my cycle's going to be at all normal, I should O sometime Friday, Sat. or Sunday.  

    My pet peeves:  When people don't hit clear on the microwave when there's time left.  Inconsiderate drivers.  When people barge into an elevator without giving the people on it a chance to get off.  When people don't make sure one flush was enough.  And, I could probably go on and on, but I'll leave it at that for now.  :)

    BFP #1 9-15-11; EDD 5-28-12. US 6w2d, growth

    BFP #2 12-6-11 and 12-7-11; EDD 8-17-12. US 6w6d measuring 5w6d. Misoprostol Assisted m/c 1-16-12 at 9w3d.


    <a href="http://s109.photobucket.com/albums/n56/katharine25/?action=view

  • Thank you so much for all the much needed hugs. I just am looking forward to AF to go away to try again. The silver lining is that the money I spent on Wondfo's and digital OPK's won't be going to waste now.

    Now, my pet peeves. I have a lot. However, the one that is sticking out in my mind is when DH snores and when he crowds me when I sleep. I like cuddles, just not when I'm trying to sleep. He also doesn't cuddle. He jabs me in the back with his elbows and tries to take my side of the bed. Claustrophobia much! Also, I hate it when people yell your name trying to get your attention and when you ask "What?" back they don't answer you. I hate repeatedly calling "What?" just to have to walk up 2 flights of stairs for you to ask me a stupid question. Just answer me when I ask "What?". Super annoying.

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  • Thanks for adding me to the list. I'm glad to hear the long weekend was good for you. Sending some hugs your way.

    I do think I finally O'ed on Sunday which would be CD24 but I didn't get CHs today b/c DD was up all night throwing up...so no temp. :( I'm seriously thinking if we don't get a BFP this cycle that I will still chart but we won't worry as much about hitting the right days. We have a lot going on right now and I think that would be best...at least until DH takes the bar in July and maybe we can start to enjoy life again.

    Pet peeves...not really thinking of anything right now! Hmm...maybe people who don't flush public toilets? Drives me nuts...WTH people?!?!?

    BFP #1, 12/22/09 - DD#1 born 9/2010
    BFP #2, 12/12/11, m/c 12/25/11
    BFP #3, 3/09/12, CP 3/10/12
    BFP #4, 7/22/12, DD#2 born 4/2013

  • Hey Maxsom!

    I think I had ewcm around feb 17th, and have had lots of cm in general these last few weeks. I'm in a wired limbo right now though. I had some spotting yesterday and I thought AF was here, but today she's gone. Is that cd1 or do I wait till I actually start seeing her everyday to count that as cd1?  I ordered some opks and hpts and tcoyf off amazon today so I can start charting. I decided I need to know what's going on and this "if it happens it happens" attitude isn't for me.  Hopefully AF will get here so I can start charting with a new fresh cycle! 

    My pet-peeves are: people chewing with their mouths open, not calling when running late, and selfish drivers, just to name a few :) 

    BFP #1: 12/5/11, M/C 12/19/11
    BFP #2: 5/22/12 Due 2/1/13 Baby girl born 2/2/13
  • Can I please join you lovely ladies?  I posted my intro a little over a week ago, but I'm T.R., 34, and our first baby was going to be due August 21.  Right now I'm still waiting for cycle #2 before we can start TTC again.

     Maxsom, I'm glad you had a good four-day weekend, and it sounds like this weekend is looking pretty good, too! <grin>. 

    I'll take one of those hugs.  Today I found out a co-worker (who is a fabulous person, BTW) is expecting her third child in September.  While I'm really happy for her, it just kinda cast a shadow of sadness over the afternoon for me.  I'm not sure if it's because she was one of the few people I told about my miscarriage at work or what, but it just stirred me more than other pregnancies I've found out about since losing our baby.

    BFP#1: 12/15/11 EDD: 8/21/12 Missed miscarriage @ ~8.5 weeks. D+C: 1/19/12
    BFP#2: 07/04/12 EDD: 03/14/13
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    *All Welcome*
  • Hi all.  

    Not too much to report here.  I'm 6DPO, but my diet has been distracting me from the 2WW for the most part, so I'll take that as a good thing.  I've lost 10lbs so far!!

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    QOTW: One of my biggest pet peeves is chewing with your mouth open.  I have to remind MH not to do it all the time... >.< 

    TTC #1 ♥ since 1/11 
    BFP #1 8/21/11 - EDD 5/1/12 - M/C 9/25/11 ♥ BFP #2 11/17/11 - EDD 8/1/12 - C/P 11/20/11
    DH (37) SA = mediocre  Me (31) Low AMH/DOR, Septate Uterus (repaired via Hysteroscopy)
    IUI 1-3 = 3 BFNs ♥ IVF 11/12 = BFFN :( ♥ IUI 4 + Injects 1/13 = BFN :(IUI 5 + Injects = cancelled due to cyst
    BFP #3 - 3/9/13 ♥ EDD 11/21/13 Break cycle miracle! ♥ Stick baby, stick!!  IT'S A GIRL!
    Caitlyn Emma born 11-6-13, 5lb 7.5oz, 18.5in

    ♥ Congrats BFPB HuskyMomma94, David arrived 4/26/12!  And #2 due 3/10/14! ♥
    ♥ Luck and love BFPB siple1am!! ♥

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  • I have FINALLY started to spot this morning...cycle day 1 should be here any day now! Thank goodness. I really am not disappointed because I just knew that even though it's cycle day 42 that I wasn't KTFU! I have just been frustrated with not getting AF so we could move on to a new cycle.

    As far as pet peeves, I hate it when people are shopping and they just rummage through things and leave stores a mess. I find that so irritating. I mean seriously, how hard is it to put something back on the hanger if it falls off?

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  • CTA7CTA7 member

    Hi there!  I got confirmation from my cbefm that I should have o'd yesterday, so I'm officially in the 2ww.   

    Pet peeves?  My #1 pet peeve is people with bad manners on the L -- taking up two seats, pushing in front of others, wearing giant backpacks -- during rush hours it's a lot of people in a small space!  Can't we all just get along?

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    12/1/11 BFP, missed m/c diagnosed @ 9w2d
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