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Well, that was unexpected :(

DH gave DD her first breastmilk bottle last night.  She's 3 weeks old now, and I didn't want to wait too long to introduce the bottle.  I was so worried she wouldn't take it, especially since she won't take a pacifier.  Well she started drinking almost right away, and out of nowhere I start crying.  I'm so glad she took the bottle, and that now DH can bond with her over feeding every now and then, it was just unexpecteldly a little heart breaking.  I've fed her every meal of her little 3 week life at my breast and it was hard to see her get that from someone else.  Just wanted to share my feelings and was wondering if anyone else felt this way?

Re: Well, that was unexpected :(

  • I cried the first time DD got a bottle, too.  I still don't like to be around when DH is feeding her a bottle.  It makes me feel so... useless, maybe?  Un-needed?  Makes no sense, especially since my milk is in the bottle.
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  • Just think about how cute your DH looks feeding your LO - I think it's adorable, personally, seeing dads feed their babies.

    You're not useless, don't worry! And 3 weeks pp? I was still a hormonal basketcase, so that might attribute some too. ;)


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    I cried the first time DD got a bottle, too.  I still don't like to be around when DH is feeding her a bottle.  It makes me feel so... useless, maybe?  Un-needed?  Makes no sense, especially since my milk is in the bottle.

    I'm this way, exactly. I still can't stand to see other people feeding her, so we don't give her bottles when I'm around. I feel like I'm losing precious bonding time!

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  • I cried the first time i gave my 5 year old her bottle - i wanted so badly to EBF but was not able to. My mom (who i do not get along with at all) was there and thought it was "awesome that she was getting her first bottle" and started taking pictures while i was balling my eyes out! At least it was BM you were giving her and not having to supplement with formula! 
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  • I was really sad the first time too, and any other time after that.  I was so afraid she'd reject my breast and only take the bottle.  Then I quit to SAH and stopped pumping and giving her bottles entirely.  About a month after that (at 4 months) she completely rejected bottles and still does, so that really backfired on me.  We can't ever leave her with a baby sitter and I can't even leave her with my husband for longer than 2 hours at a time in case she needs to eat.  So either way is really hard in it's own way.
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  • No. I feel utter relief that he would take a bottle. I'm not around when he gets bottles anymore because he won't take it if I am here. He rarely gets a bottle other than when at daycare or the one night a week I teach a class anyway.
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  • I cried the first time DS gave DS#1 a bottle of pumped milk. I knew I was going back to work at 3 months, so I wanted to make sure he would adapt to it, but it was still irrationally emotional for me. I guess it felt really artificial after EBFing for a month.

    I'm waiting until 1 month to give DS #2 a bottle... but that's right around the corner. I am DREADING getting my pump out. Blech.  

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  • Because of mouth issues with LO we have not been able to breast feed at all- I think I cried much of his first two weeks because of my feelings of failure to not be able to feed him the way I had invisioned. Big hugs.
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