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Let's talk baby carriers - AGAIN

Okay, I bought the free one online & it didn't work well for us. I just don't feel like he's secure in it. So I went and bought the Moby, which so many momma's on here seem to LOVE. But goodness the Moby is a pain in the booty to put on every time.

Do you have a method where you don't have to take the Moby apart every time or does anyone else recommend theirs other than a Moby. I'm thinking about purchasing the Infantino Sash Mei Tai Infant Carrier, for those who have it is it easy to put on & go?

Thanks for your time!


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Re: Let's talk baby carriers - AGAIN

  • I love my Mei Tai for at home but it's so annoying when we're out, the straps are so long and it's hard to tie. I put the Moby on before we leave the house and just put her in/take her out whenever I need to when we're out and leave it on until we're home.
    I'm looking into a Beco Butterfly but haven't tried it yet.
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  • I have a homemade ktan. It's two large loops of fabric held together with a small loop of fabric. It was $15 for the material and I made 3. I don't have the pattern online but if you google ktan patterns and look at a few you might be able to make one or find someone who can. 

    You can also look on YouTube for different carries.  

    That way if your LO hates it you aren't out much. My dd didn't like  the cradle or kangaroo carries but she likes the hug now. I know that one isn't the best for their legs at this young age so I limit it to grocery shopping and laundry.  When she's sleeping I can do the cradle. 

     All in all for what I spent its an awesome carrier.  

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  • I love my Become Gemini, very easy to put on and I feel LO is very secure.

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  • I have an Infantino Sash carrier too and like PP said, it's great, but the straps are SUPER long and I've actually tripped over them when they puddle around my feet. Plus the carrier material seems to pick up every single piece of lint/dust on the floor.  It's good for home use, but not on-the-go.  I'm looking into getting another carrier for running errands and going for walks.  I would like something with buckles/clips to make securing LO fast and simple ... perhaps the Infantino Swift?? I saw a lady at the mall wearing one and it looked rather decent.
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  • I found the trick to being able to use the Moby is for me to wear wrap-style shirts.  That way, I don't have to take the darn thing off to feed her.  On days when I'm wearing wrap style shirts, I put the Moby on and leave it on until my husband gets home.  I just push the straps out of the way to feed her.  

    So, while I don't need to buy a new carrier, I do need to buy more wrap shirts. 

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  • I have three:

    K'Tan: Super easy to use but after some time it feels like LO is slipping. It also causes whatever shirt I'm wearing to bunch up in the back and pull down in the front which can get very annoying 

    Boba: Pain in the butt to take on and off, but LO feels secure when I wear it. Same problem with the bunching shirt in the front and back. I wore it while walking around downtown when it was about 60 degrees out and after an hour I was hot as hell. 

    Infantino Mei Tai: I just got this and so far I love it. I've only used it around the house though so I can't attest to its practicality when out and about. I can see how the straps would drag though. 

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  • I have a k'tan and love it.
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  • imageyellowtulips80:
    I have a k'tan and love it.
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  • I second putting the Moby on before you leave the house to do whatever, and take baby in and out as needed. Be leery on the K'Tan, they're not as secure as a Moby or other wrap-style carrier and pricey for not much versatility (they're better for smaller babies). Mei tais are nice, and you can use them as the baby gets bigger, even into toddlerhood! I'm not sure how they'd be with newborns though, I was always under the impression they were best with bigger babies. Someone suggested an infantino swift- please don't put your LO in that. Those things put all the weight on the babies crotch, and their legs dangle. It puts their spine and hips into an unnatural position, plus it gets very uncomfortable for the wearer quickly, as it puts all the weight on your shoulders. If you like the idea of a SSC (soft structured carrier), something like an Ergo or Beco is best. It Places the babies in the optimal position for spine and hip support, with weight on the bum in a seated position, knees spread and higher than the bum, and spine slightly rounded.
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