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Bedsharing and nursing?

When LO was a newborn she slept in the cosleeper and I would bring her in the bed with me in the early morning to nurse and then we'd sleep for a while longer.  We transitioned her to her crib several weeks ago and she has done great.  She wakes up once or twice a night to eat which is fine with me. 

I had still wanted to bring her in the bed with me in the early morning, but every time I do, she gets so distracted.  She pops on and off the breast, kicks her feet constantly, kicks me, swings her arms, and keeps looking around the room.  I've had to give up and go back into her bedroom and nurse her in the rocking chair and then she will be totally calm and nurse fine and go back to sleep.

Do you think this is just because of her age?  Any advice to get her to calm down?  I really miss cuddling with my baby plus now that I'm back to work I'd love the extra sleep.  Thanks!

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Re: Bedsharing and nursing?

  • I wonder if now your bed is a "new" surrounding when you bring her in with you and she wants to "explore" it and play in it before she can settle into nursing. Some of it probably does tie to baby's increasing awareness. It sounds like this is just happening in the morning, so can you just keep her in bed with you after the second nighttime waking? Maybe nurse her in her room as you've been doing, then once she drifts off move her to your bed and then both go back to sleep?

    Another thought...Would you consider going back to full-night cosleeping in the name of more sleep and less movement for you? Night-waking tends to get more frequent as babies get older, not less frequent (until 9-12 months).

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