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My 7 week eats ALL the time

My 7 week old is a chunker! He eats every 1 to 2 hours at 4 ounces and he is continously acting hungry! Is this ok, my daughter was never like this, so I just dont know what to do. Its exhausting at night? Any suggestions?



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Re: My 7 week eats ALL the time

  • Keep feeding him.  When he's full, he'll stop eating.
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  • DS is 8 weeks today, and exactly a week ago he went from a consistent every-3-hour feed to every 2 hours.  On the button, every 2 hours he has had to eat for the past week unless he happens to be sleeping.  But he only sleeps about 10 hours a day, so mostly, he's eating.  He's BF so I don't know how much, I can just tell he's got wet/dirty dipes so I keep feeding him as much as he wants to eat.  And he's up to 14 lbs.  It IS exhausting no doubt!!!  Hang in there - I don't think there's much you can do except feed him. 
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