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I must have bragged too much...

And now Ana wont sleep like she was.

Ana has (since about 2-3 weeks old) been sleeping from about 1030-11pm till about 8-830 sometimes even 9 in the monring. I've been telling everyone how great she sleeps and they've been saying how lucky I am and well.... I think I spoke too soon.

The past 3 days she seems to fight sleep at night. I can tell she is so exhaused - between her heavy eyes, crankiness, and she doesnt nap a lot during the day like she used to.  She wont pass out till about midnight and by 6-630 shes up and at 'em.

I guess I am happy she is still sleeping that much but I kind of got used to her sleeping longer. Now I have no choice but to try and nap when she does bc I am exahausted if I dont so now I kinda feel like I dont get as much done around the house and stuff during the day...

In your experiences did your LOs go thru a little phase like this? Did they go back to sleeping "normal" again? If so how long did it last? TIA.

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Re: I must have bragged too much...

  • Yes!  Around 7 weeks or so, DS had his "sleep regression".  It wasn't a lot of fun.  He never slept as well or as consistently as your LO, but he was sleeping for 3-4 hour stretches at night.  Out of nowhere, he started waking up every hour and would cry every time we'd put him down.  It lasted about 4 nights, then it slowly started improving. 

    Since he was sleeping poorly anyway, we decided to take advantage of the situation and transition him from the RnP to his crib.  I'm not sure if that would be the right decision for everyone, but it worked for us.


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  • We go through patches like that where DS fights sleeping.  He's now back to one time a night wakeing up for a feeding.  Have you tried to put her to sleep earlier.  DS get's so tired around 6:30-7:30 so as soon as he starts to get cranky we start our bed time routine that takes about 30 min. 
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    DS get's so tired around 6:30-7:30 so as soon as he starts to get cranky we start our bed time routine that takes about 30 min. 

    This exactly.  And sometimes if DS is just too cranky, we just put him right to bed and skip the routine, including the bottle from DH.  We've done that about 2-3 nights in the last two weeks.  He wakes up anywhere from 1-2 hrs later and is a much calmer/happier baby, so he gets his bottle at that time and is back to sleep in no time.

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