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Rarely post... C-section birthplan?

Hi there! I dont post here often but now that were having LO2 it has got me thinking about what to expect with a scheduled c-section.

A little back story... I had dd via emergency c-section after she got stuck pushing. So, it wasnt my first plan but it all went very well. I had no complications after delivery and was pretty much back to normal in about 6 weeks.

So, with this one Im curious... do any of you have/had a birth plan for a scheduled c-section? The only things I can think of personally are that I want DH there(obviously a given), no Versed or amnesiac medication given, and to see baby ASAP preferrably immediately after being taken out of my belly, and obviously for DH to be able to 'cut' the cord.

TIA for your contributions :)

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Re: Rarely post... C-section birthplan?

  • I saved this for next time - if I had a choice, I would like something similar...



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  • imagepitterpatter129:

    I saved this for next time - if I had a choice, I would like something similar...



    I agree this is amazing. I plan to have a VBAC with number two, but this is the kind of c/s experience I want if we need a RCS. 

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  • My only requirement was DH holds the baby almost immediately and goes to recovery with him. All of these my hospital automatically does unless something is wrong with the baby and it has to go to the nicu. I was in recovery both times within an 30-45minutes and idd skin-to-skin almost immediately. Neither of my boys left us the whole time and dh pushed the little bassinet iwth the baby in it up to our pp room. My hospital does all the bath and everything right there in recovery with you.

    Ask your OB about cutting the cord. I know my hospital will not allow it since you are in the OR. They want everything to stay as sterile as possible and that means dad stays up near the head at all times.

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  • I didn't go in with a formal birth plan, but I made a couple of requests upon check-in: 

    1. I wanted a bedside admit if possible (rather than having them take the baby up to the nursery for bath, etc.).

    2. I wanted my IVs placed in a way that wouldn't interfere with holding or nursing baby.

    3. I wanted to nurse as soon as possible after surgery.  

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  • I would first just ask your OB what the standard protocal at the hospital is and then go from there. I had to have an "emergency" c/s (earlier than normal but not an "OMG, get the baby out NOW!" due to crazy high blood pressure issues (boarderline pre-e). So, I honestly didn't have a chance to even think about a plan. Everything went as I would have wanted it, though. DH was in the room with me (by my head), he was able to take pictures but not videos (wouldn't want a video anyways), they cleaned the baby up and did the initial tests all where I could still see while being stitched up, they let DH hold the baby and take her over to me so I could see/kiss her (& the staff took our first family pic for us), DH was able to follow the baby to the nursery for her bath & more extensive checkup and then they brought DD directly to me in the recovery room so that I could have some quality cuddle time. DH attempted to cut the cord but since her cord had an abnormality, he wasn't able to cut it (basically had to saw it and he was freaked out at doing that).

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  • I didn't have a paper plan, but my DH knew my wishes:

    1.  LO never leaves my side unless emergency

    2. DH holds ASAP, & I go skin to skin ASAP (we went skin to skin while being sewn up)

    3. No staples - I'm allergic to metals

    4. Nurse as soon as back to room

    5. If something were to happen to me & I was put under, my DH was the only one (excluding staff) to hold out LO until I did


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