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How much time do you spoend playing with you lo each day and how do you do it?

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  • I (play) with Lo who is 9 weeks old when he wakes up from his naps just before he gets hungry. I just talk to him and tickle him and let him play with his hanging toys on his playmat. It is hard to know what to do and if you are doing enough!!
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  • LO is 10 weeks.  I "play" by tickles, singing games, peek-a-boo, usually a total of an hour a day (spread out into 5-10 min intervals) when she's awake.  She gets one or two bedtime stories before bed.

    The rest of the time if she is awake I'm talking to her.  I think exposure to language is just as important as playing! (I'm biased as I work in the hearing profession).  I talk my way through the day. "Momma's sending an email, Momma is putting away dishes, putting away the cup, putting away the plate, Momma is making hte bed" etc.  I make songs out of everythign and find myself singning almost all day.

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  • Probably a total of about an hour, we do tummy time, we dance around the living room and my DH plays with him when he gets home by making him "fly" and we talk to him a lot 

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  • After every feeding when he's happy and alert - at least 15 - 30 minutes we do something (he doesn't nap often) and by then he's usually eating again.  I play alot with him while he's on his changing table - we have stuffed animals there that he likes and it was the first place I could actually put him down and he wouldn't cry.    For tummy time, we use the boppy a lot.  We just started using the neptune activity mat and he really enjoyed just flailing his arms and legs for a while on it.  I always get him outside too for fresh air - he loves the breeze (we live in FL so its easy to do this).  Like PP said, I talk to him all day telling him everything I'm doing.   He also loves to push against me with his legs so I support his upper body while his feet are on my lap and he pushes up and I hold him.  He is 8 weeks today. 
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