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Alternatives to maternity pics

Hi ladies,

I am not crazy about studio pictures but I would like to have some nicer pics of DH and I during pregnancy.

Are any of you doing something alternative to the traditional studio pics?

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Re: Alternatives to maternity pics

  • My little sister is a great amateur photographer (she took our engagement photos!) and when I go back home on March 10th to visit I'm going to have her take some maternity shots of me at tourist attractions around Vancouver. Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, etc. Just anywhere pretty and outdoors. DH won't be with me, which is too bad, but we'll take some shots of us on our babymoon at Daytona Beach in April (we live in Florida). We'll just take the tripod to the beach! Good luck!
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  • I always liked taking annual family pictures so DH and I will just take some family pictures in April or so and I will just happen to be pregnant in them. I want some pictures to remember being pregnant but the artsy maternity photos just aren't my thing.
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  • One of my favorite times of year is in the spring when the trees are just starting to bud. I love the way the woods look with all of the tiny little leaves on the trees. I'm hoping to do some out door pics when that happens this year.
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  • I'm a lifestyle photographer, so when it comes to photos of me and DH, we have  However, I've "swapped" services with a local photographer and we are having our photos done May 12th. 

    I'm not the bare belly, emphasis on the belly type of person.  We are heading into a small local town and having photojournalistic photos taken of the two of us with our dogs.  We would have gone into the city (Philly), but it's too crowded to bring the dogs.  They will be photos of us walking, holding hands, hanging out, etc.  That's our style. I didn't want the emphasis on the belly. 

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  • This is really the way maternity photos are trending. The best suggestion I can give, is look for a photog in your area. Look for one who's doing photos beyond the normal pose & smile. Tell them your idea, see if they can help you.
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  • We're doing family photos with our 2 girls.  I'll get a couple non-traditional bump photos too, but I've done the bare belly, soft lighting photos for my last 2 pregnancies and I wanted something different this time.
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  • We never do traditional studio pics. I love natural light photograhpy. Thankfully I have a good friend that is a photographer so she does all our pictures. We either do them at our house or at a park.
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  • DH's cousin is doing ours since I can't get ahold of the photographer I would like to have do them. 

    She did her brother's fianc?'s maternity pics...and they turned out okay, so I guess I can't complain. 

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  • I'm a professional photographer. What I suggest is finding a lifestyle photographer or someone who is strictly a maternity photographer. I wouldn't close the door on studio pictures though. If you find the right person you can have some amazing and artful studio shots done. It all depends on how the photog uses their equipment. Those who are really passionate about their work will go all the way to make pictures amazing rather than just those average studio shots. You can also request a shoot outside. All depends on how artful you want to go. Usually for my clients we  will go outside to a secluded spot and do some amazing shots with white netting, naked (if your comfy with that) and get hubby in there too. Try googling maternity photography and find some samples that you like. Also try googling the same topic but photogs in your area and browse through their portfolio's. You'll know when you found one that fits just right for you. :)
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