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S/O Prudential Disability Question

I am a NJEA member with Prudential Disability insurace as well... I didn't have it with my daughter so I need to find out more of the details!

I am due May 20th with this baby- can I receive Prudential over the summer- even if I wouldn't really be working anyway?

Also, did anyone else also apply for the state FMLA?  I got that with my daughter adn thought that you couldn't get paid from more than one place at a time.

I will be using my sick days to get paid out the rest of the school year.  Can any of these things overlap?

Re: S/O Prudential Disability Question

  • Not sure about your Prudential questions, as I don't have that specific insurance, but I can shed some light on the State and Federal requirements of work protected leave.

    FMLA is a federal law which requires that your employer offer you unpaid leave/job protection following birth/adoption of a child (and other qualifing events).  Here's a link to the US Department of Labor's website, which gives a good overview of FMLA:


    NJ law regarding Family Leave (NJFLA) is slightly different from FMLA, and here is where you may apply for benefits.  Check out item No. 11 on the list of FAQs on the below link.  I think it addressed your question about sick time concurrent with NJFLA leave.


    Also, make sure you have a copy of your employer's Maternity Leave policy (usually in the Employee Handbook).  They employer must offer, at a minimum, job protected leave consistent with FMLA and NJFLA, but may have additional provisions for maternity leave wage continuation and/or the use of sick/vacation time, per the employer's policies. 

     Hope this was helpful!  Good luck!

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