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Pregnant after IF

How are you telling?

Although most of my family and close friends know we planned on going through IVF, many of them think im much further behind in the process. I kept saying things like.. oh it wont start for a few months, so no news. I just didnt want the added pressure of questions, suspense, etc. So we secretly went through the process without telling them Wink

Now I am 6 weeks. We go for our first u/s on Friday and if all goes well, we'd like to tell our family this weekend.

Anyone have any cute ways of sharing the news? Im still so nervous about it due to a previous loss but they are my family and I will need their support no matter what.

Id love to hear your ideas!

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Re: How are you telling?

  • We put our ultrasound pictures in a card that said babies first picture! And the told them we got a card and want to show them if they are interested? Which of course they said they were and then as soon as they saw the front of the card, it was water works time! lol

    It was so fun! But we only saw one set of parents at a time... So it was easier to show them the card and go from there... Congrats on your BFP and good luck!

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  • Good luck coming up with an idea!!  Our situation probably won't work but maybe it'll give you an idea for something similar?

    We spent almost 3 weeks out in Colorado at CCRM, so our parents and close friends knew what was going on.  We told our parents the day our beta would be, but tested at home the day before (unknown to them).  We went to the drug store and printed out pictures of us holding positive pregnancy tests, and an up-close pic of the tests, and put them in an envelope.  We went to our parents' houses and told them we had printed some pictures of our trip for them.  Then of course they opened the envelope and were staring at positive pregnancy test pictures!  Big Smile  It was fun, and no way would we have been able to keep it from them any longer!  Big Smile  

    Have fun sharing your news and congrats!

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