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Acid Reflux...any other experiences with this?

My little guy was born just shy of 35 weeks & spent 16 days in the NICU learning to eat and working through Brady's.  He came home on Prevacid for reflux and is still experiencing pain when eating & occasional "fits" after eating ( limbs get stiff, gets red, eyes rolll). Anyone else experienced this with reflux? Just looking for some reassurance. 

Re: Acid Reflux...any other experiences with this?

  • Hi my LO seems tO be also having reflux. He was born at 31 wks & today is day 27 in the NICU. They think that reflux may be the cause of his "D"s (so bad that they drop into the 30s, he turns dusky blue & the nurses have to stim him with the oxygen bag) so they have his bed on a slight incline & sit him up often to burp during bottle attempts. It seems to be helping. Not sure if this experience helps, but good luck to you!
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  • Could the prevacid not be working for him or need a dose adjustment?  DS tried both prevacid and zantac and only had relief when we gave a combination of the two.  They both act differently - one reduces and the other neutralizes and for DS he was so bad (screaming, vomitting and choking) that his GI decided to try both and it was a miracle worker for us.  GL!
  • Thanks so much for the responses and suggestions. Going in for his two month in about a week and will ask about the Zantac as well. Hoping to get on a stronger dose either way. Appreciate your sharing...
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