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Rocker glider or rocker recliner for nursery

Any suggestions for rocker glider or rocker recliners that aren't too pricey..trying to keep unde $400. I would prefer a chair thing and not a nursery glider. Thoughts?
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Re: Rocker glider or rocker recliner for nursery

  • I have a Rocker-Glider, however, I will say that I wish I had a Rocker Recliner.... the inability to recline has annoyed me to NO end and I've found the glider to be uncomfortable at times.. 

    What part of Upstate do you live? In Syr (Lpool) there is a Raymour and Flanagan Clearance Center, and they might have something in that range. 

  • I have a big comfy rocker/recliner that I love.  It wasn't that expensive either.  I ordered it from WalMart online then picked it up from the store.
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  • So I'm probably a little psycho.. but I have a paranoia about recliners and little hands and I wouldn't ever put one in my childs room. I feel like there was another reason why someone told me recliners were no good for a nursery glider too.

    I have a Best chairs glider that is not a recliner, but I really like it.. I fell asleep in it many many times.. (without intending to). It probably was over the $400 limit though, with the ottoman.. i think it was $500 for the set.  But it was SO SO SO much nicer than the ones I sat in at BRU.. I couldn't not get it.

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  • We got our glider and ottoman at a local furniture store (Charlotte), it is super comfy and fully padded. We paid less than $300 for both pieces.

    I have a recliner in our LR, don't need another one in a babies there isn't a lot of room for one in there.

  • I love having rocking ability but every time I sat up at night with a newborn I was livid that the glider didn't recline.

    I have no idea why a reclining glider hasn't been invented yet. It seems so obvious.

    I think the glider is easier to get into and out of. But the recliner is more comfortable. If you intend to sleep holding a newborn, the recliner is more important. If you want to get up and down a lot, a glider makes more sense.

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  • My inlaws bought my glider/ottoman from Big Lots, I believe. It does recline.  It was under 100 dollars.  We still use it for story/snuggle time before naps and bed. 
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  • I have a glider that reclines. Dh bought it for me for Christmas after my bfp for Ellie. He got it at BRU. We have it in the living room. I've never reclined it though. 

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