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Nursery at Hillcrest

Has anyone delivered at Hillcrest (Mayfield Heights) and know if grandparents can go to see the baby in the nursery? 

Long story short, I don't want anyone waiting at the hospital when I give birth and don't want anyone (other than my husband) visiting shortly after.  I want to have some just us time before people start coming.  My inlaws live close to the hospital and are the type to want to see the baby right after birth.  Husband thinks they can just "pop in" for 15-minutes and leave (not my thing, too much chaos) and his other option is they can go see the baby in the nursery (like you see on tv).  But I don't know if Hillcrest (a) has a nursery like that or (b) they allow visitors in to just look at the baby through the window.

We're taking a tour next month, but I'm curious in advance.   

Re: Nursery at Hillcrest

  • image RachaelA:

    Honestly, tell your husband that you are pushing the baby out and you get to make these decisions. If you don't want people there right away, don't have them. And you shouldn't have to send your baby to the nursery just so your in laws can see them. Trust me on this. I gave in on this (having people waiting/there right after) and I really regret.

    Thanks for the response.  My sister gave birth at Hillcrest so I've been in the maternity ward, but I always went straight to her room - I've never seen the whole floor.

    I didn't think about the logistics so your response was very helpful.  After the baby is born I want to be thinking about the baby, my husband, and myself.  I don't want to be thinking about sending the baby to the nursery so inlaws can see him or her.  Not to be selfish, but I don't want to be thinking about anyone other than our brand new family.  Thanks, resolve strengthened.  I hate to use the "I'm pushing this baby out" card, but this is one area I think it will be wise to play the laboring mother rule.

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