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I'm planning on delivering my baby at Newton-Wellesley hospital. Has anyone else delivered there? How were your experiences?

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  • My delivery experience there was great, no complaints about the care, but I should say that I was only in labor at the hospital for maybe 3 hours, so I didn't need much from them.  My post-partum care left quite a bit to be desired.  I think it's probably like this at any hospital but I had some good nurses and some really bad and then one really great.  My best advice would be to speak up if you don't feel like you are getting the care you need/ deserve.  I actually wrote a letter following my experience telling them of some of the unacceptable things I experienced and did get a call from the nurse manager to follow-up and apologize so I do think that they are responsive and looking back I wish I had said something while we were there.  Good luck!  
  • What weren't you happy with? What happened?
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  • I absolutely loved my experience with NWH and plan on delivering there again in the future.

    I have zero complaints about the treatment I received post-partum. I had an e-c/s so I had to stay 7 days/5 nights, and I can not think of a single thing in that week that I was anything but happy with.

  • Good to know, I wish I wasn't so nervous!
  • I delivered both of my kids at NWH and absolutely LOVED the experience.  My cousin also delivered across the hall from me and she too loved her experience.  The delivery nurses are amazing and the aftercare nursing staff was also great.  There is not one negative thing I could say.  Good luck!
  • I had an excellent experience with NWH. I had a c-section and was there for 5 days and every nurse I had was wonderful.
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