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Opinions on peanuts and peanut butter

Along with everything else that I try to research, there is conflicting info on this (even amongst the doctors)...and of course, this is the one craving that i have.  What do you guys think? 

Re: Opinions on peanuts and peanut butter

  • Eat all the peanuts you feel like eating :)
  • As long as you or your DH has no family history of peanut allergies, it is perfectly safe to eat peanuts. My Midwife said that recent studies have been pretty inconclusive as to whether there's a link between consuming peanuts while pg and kids developing allergies.

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  • As long as no family history for peanut allergies go for it I ate heaps whem pregnant with my son and he is fine no peanut allergies for him
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  • I ate peanuts like a crazy woman when I was pregnant with my daughter. She turned out just fine! And has no allergies to peanuts! She LOVES them too. :) I was seriously obsessed with peanuts/peanut butter when I was pregnant. I say eat all you want!



  • I was eating peanut butter like a mad woman the first couple of weeks, but don't crave it anymore. I heard that if you are low on folic acid this could cause the craving. I also started supplementing folic acid with my prenatal vitamins, half of a pill daily. Not sure if this helped deter the craving.

     My mother in law ate strawberries like crazy when pregnant with my husband, and they are now his favorite food. So, maybe peanuts will be your baby's favorite :) 

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  • I eat an apple and organic PB as a 10 am snack at work.  Love it!
  • I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just about every day of my last pregnancy. It made for a great snack. DD has no nut/peanut allergies. I say if you want some, go for it.
  • Thanks, girls! These are the types of questions I was hoping for!
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