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NY Bumpie visiting NC

Hi ladies!  We are headed down to Atlantic Beach mid-April, for a vacation.  Just wondering if you had any suggestions on kid friendly activities/restaurants/places in the area.  We know that it will be too cold to swim, so just looking for other stuff to do.  TIA!
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Re: NY Bumpie visiting NC

  • There are tons of miniature golf courses from Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle. There is also an aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores (just up the rode from Atlantic Beach). Restaurants to try (can't think of any that particularly cater to kids but they are all kid-friendly) are Sanitary Fish Market and the Ruddy Duck in Morehead City.  Its over the bridge from Atlantic Beach and take a right at the light.  They are both waterfront and have great food.  Ruddy Duck is my FAVORITE.  Sanitary Fish Market is the tourist hot spot.  If I think of anything else, I'll get back to you!  Have a great vacation.  We're headed down Mother's Day weekend!
  • Ditto on the Aquarium and Sanitary Fish Market. I also really love Mosquito Amo's which is on Atlantic Beach. It's not your typical seafood/calabash style restaurant. Lots of unique foods-and delicious!
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  • Ditto to everything PP said.

     Also there is a great park in Emerald Isle called Emerald Isle Woods Park, it has wooded trails that you can walk along that will take you to the sound. There is a dock that you can walk out on and you can see fish and birds. They also have picnic tables.

    You should also check out Beaufort (approx. 10 min from AB), it's a really quaint old town that has wonderful restaurants, shops and places to get a drink. My in-laws live in Emerald Isle and DH and I usually end up in Beaufort.

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  • All great suggestions above...also keep in mind that it is pre-season there so there will probably still be a lot closed. We went down one year about that time and was suprised how much was still closed. There was still plenty to do, but not everything was open yet. One of my favorite places to visit! We're headed that way in September :)

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