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Whoops! I spoiled my own surprise.

I wasn't expecting to have a 'friend' baby shower because all my close friends (you know the ones who throw showers) are in CA with my family. I am fortunate enough that my SO's Aunt and Cousin are throwing me a shower and my mom is coming out to throw me a Skype shower, but I really was missing the 'friend' component. Well, I was wrong.

While the SO was picking up dry cleaning, I grabbed his iPhone so I could check my facebook account. It was logged in and the first few posts in the stream were from my friends and I'm pretty much the ONLY one who uses Facebook on his phone so I figured I must be in my account. I saw a new message so I clicked on it, it was from my former co-worker/friend about a baby shower. Whoops! Not my facebook account and now I've ruined the surprise. I told the SO right away, because I felt really bad and wanted to apologize for being in his facebook account. But now I know. I'm so happy and surprised that this friend is doing this for me and I don't want her to know that I know but I feel sort of sneaky pretending not to.

Should I let her know that I accidentally found out or should I just play surprised? 

Re: Whoops! I spoiled my own surprise.

  • I would just leave it alone and try to act surprised. It is super nice that your friend is doing this for you!
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  • I think so too. I still can't believe it myself. I would have never expected it from her. I'm a little overwhelmed by it.
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  • I would not mention it to her at all and make sure your SO doesn't either.  Unfortuanly he will have to keep two secrets now (the fact she is having a surprise shower for you and the fact that you know about it!).  I've gotten on the computer and my DH's facebook has been up...I know right away it is not mine just from a couple of the people I see on there.  He would be livid if I opened new messages to him.  We don't share THAT much.  lol
  • Yeah on the desktop I would have known right away, but the mobile version doesn't have an image of you at the top. Also, we have a lot of friends in common and all the recent thread posts were from them. It looked exactly how I would expect mine to look and the messag was from my former coworker, I didn't even know they wer friends on Facebook. He actually didn't care much, he knew it was a mistake and he almost never uses Facebook.
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