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Any advice...PT related

Tess will not pee in a pull-up and is waking up dry from naps and bedtime on her own (without any prompting from me.)  However most days she strips completely naked before going to sleep.  And naps have been non-existent lately, I think as a result of the potty training.

Any idea how to keep her in clothes? 


Re: Any advice...PT related

  • Backward Sleep Sack
  • image jnk062602:
    Backward Sleep Sack


    Does that discourage potty training? 

  • Oh, ya it totally would in the way of her being able to go to the potty herself.  But do you still help her go to the potty?  You would just unzip her.  I don't know....we still have to wipe ellie, so we go in and help her.  Also, she is still in a diaper for naps and bedtime and in the crib, so there is no potty breaks during sleep time.
  • Tess has been a bed for almost a year now because she is a super climber.  I do still help her with wiping, but if she needs to go, she can get to the bathroom, pull down her pants and go.  (As evidenced by the op, undressing is not her issue!)

    I've tried telling her she can leave her room to go to the bathroom (only), but she won't leave her room without me there.  And I tell her constantly to keep her pants and undies on but she doesn't listen to that.  Ugh, 2 year olds!

    It's like she knows that I want to have my cake and eat it too lol... 

  • No advice for you, just another congrats to you and T!
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  • We had this issue.  I just bought her dresses to wear and bought her more pretty underwear.  She eventually got over it for the most part.
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