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Foster Moms: Advocating

We found out last week that an Aunt's home has been approved (she has enough space) for Apple to move to, the CSW hasn't been out to speak to said Aunt to see where her head is at so we aren't sure if Apple will be moving quite yet.  Owl is still on a seperate case (different county, trying to transfer this week) but if her case is transferred and combined with Apple's than both girls could be moved.

We are concerned about this possible move, feeling that it will make Owl regress and will put Apple with people she doesn't know as family.  I know the courts prefer to place children with family but all of the SW's and Owl's attorney have expressed concern over placing the girls with family because of past issues with mom.  I want to advocate for the girls and have spoken to Owl's attorney about my concerns, she's advised me to contact Apple's attorney (I don't have contact info) with my concerns since the cases should be combined soon, she also said that I should consistently submit letters to the court about how the girls are doing in our home.  I've never dealt with the attorneys or written letters for court but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to advocate for the girls.

Have any of you written a letter for the judge to review?  Would you mind sharing?  You can PM me if you would like, any help would be great.

Re: Foster Moms: Advocating

  • I haven't--but I know I heard in one of our trainings that if you write a letter to a judge--you must cc it to both lawyers. 

    Thank you for advocating for these sweet girls!

  • Typically, foster parents have little weight, especially as I see that Apple is only 4 months old. Obviously you do have to speak to the GAL's for the children. We advocated for 3 girls we had, but they had been in our home for almost a year, which is really when the courts start really considering the foster home (silly I know!) You can always try. 
    Oh, Savannah! Your brothers are THAT bad!</p>



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