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Intro, Ft. Hood OB's

Hey ladies! Well we just moved to Fort Hood and are going to be living on post. We were not stationed at an installation when DS was born so we used civilian healthcare services that took Tricare. This time, I'm not sure what we're supposed to do. We have already transfered our info to Darnell, the clinic on post. But I've not heard great things about military doctors and such. Anyone have any experience being pregnant here and using Darnell, AND/OR using local civilian healthcare services? I'm really looking to have another low-intervention and med-free birth and would prefer to use midwives and a birth center (I don't think home birth will work for us.) Did anyone using Tricare at Ft. Hood deliver at a birth center instead? DH is active duty, if that matters.

Thanks so much! I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get used to the way of life here. :)

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Re: Intro, Ft. Hood OB's

  • I delivered at Metroplex. I was 4 months pregnant when we moved to Ft. Hood and Darnall wasn't taking patients so I went there.. I was very happy with Metroplex.. Send me a PM! I know NO ONE at Ft. Hood except for like 5 people and I've lived on post for over a year!!!
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  • I had my first baby at Darnall in 2008, and had a natural birth with the midwives there. At the time, anyway, low-risk women were routinely seen by the CNMs; OBs saw the high-risk patients.

     Of course no matter where you go there will be good and bad stories, but our experience was a good one.

     Good luck with whatever you decide!

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  • i am currently 34 weeks my dr is dr shannon, shes very sweet and i really like her. with our first we were not military and i think this clinic is better then the civilian one i used before. when we first started going i told my dr my husband was deploying mid pregnancy so she would give me an ultrasound everytime we went so he could see the baby. im delivering at darnell also, so ill keep you updated on L&D units.
  • I was high risk so I saw the OB's. I really liked my OB, Dr. Hill but she was the only one I liked or saw. I didn't deliver at Darnall though so I don't know what a delivery would be like. I know they have a brand new maternity ward though.
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  • OOOHhh!!!! I was stationed at Hood for 5.5 years, most of that time I worked at Darnall. I also had my little dude there last year. 

    I highly, highly, highly recommend Kristen Leftridge. She is a midwife that works at the Women's Clinic at Darnall. She is the crunchy type- if you are looking for the med free, low intervention, sit on the birthing ball, hire a doula, breast is best, baby wearing, cloth diapering, AP type midwife, she ROCKS.

    The downside is that it is hard to get in to see her, I often had to book with another one of the midwives for my routine appointments. The upside was that I met nearly all of them. The other downside is that the delivery schedule rotates, so you are not guaranteed to have her deliver you. Upside- if you click with Kristen, and say "I sought you out, I really want to have you deliver my kid, you are the type of provider I want and need"- she will probably agree to come in and deliver your baby.   

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  • I wanted to add that I had to have an emergency induction at 35 weeks. I was set on a natural, med free birth. I managed to convince the on call doc to not give me pitocin, I sat on a birthing ball for most of my labor (I had to be on the monitors, it wouldn't have been safe to not be on them during an induction), had a very very very natural birth friendly RN who was a midwife in her home country before she came to the states, and never once was even given the side eye by the anesthesiologist when I said I didn't want an epidural. There may be those that hate on Darnall, but I had an excellent experience and I am an RN myself- so I am picky from the get go. Good luck!!
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