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s/o Potty

The other day, Aaron was sitting in his booster chair having lunch and said to me "Mama, go poop" so I knew he had to go and I asked him "Do you want to poop in the potty?" (not that he ever has). He replies "No! Diaper."

He told me!

I guess he's not ready for the potty.  I think part of the problem is that he doesn't like pooping while he's sitting. He stands up. LOL


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Re: s/o Potty

  • :) He is funny. By the way, he is way to cute in your siggy.
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  • ::snicker:: At least he's recognising it. L used to hide and poop in his pull up, usually behind the couch. He hated to sit too. I tried to fight him on it - it ended up in an 8 hour battle which he won. He decided that the potty was okay at 3 1/2. Sigh, I hope you had better luck than me.

    Also, A is so cute in your new siggy pic!

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  • Looks like he is not ready yet, but he will get there. J used to do the same thing. Eventually, when he turned 3, we put away his pull-ups during the day. He peed in his pants a couple of times, didn't like the feeling, and started using the toilet for both #1 and 2 right away.
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  • :) S is the same with with standing. actually, she leans (on the coffee table). she will NOT poop unless we're home. seriously. i'm not sure what will happen when we go out of town for a couple days early June...
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  • Yeah, M likes sitting on the stairs or his booster and saying that he's gong potty, but it seems like more of a role play thing now than him actually wanting to use the real potty.
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