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Postpartum Depression

Natural depression remedies?

I'm currently on Lexapro, but would like to get off it as soon as possible.  I'm wondering if you ladies know any good natural remedies to help me in this.  I'm 6 months postpartum and along with Lexapro I take a prenatal vitamin and 2000 IU vit D.
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Re: Natural depression remedies?

  • Fish oil used to work for me ..
  • there is a natural herb called Rhodiola rosea which is very specific for depression... I tried it combining it with the anti-d (while weaning off) and NOT good, I had some kind of very scary side effects from mixing my meds and this, so I am weaning off prozac first, and a while after I have stopped anti-d completely, I will try the herb once again, Amway sells this in pills, and they are the most organic and natural supplements, so I really recommend it, but, first wean off the medication, THEN take the natural alternative. I had to be taken to the ER because I got so dizzy and suddenly fainted, my hands, mouth and legs got stiff I could not manage to get myself together physically, it was very scary...
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