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Solids - 5 month old

I've been giving Cecil solids (oatmeal cereal w/breastmilk) for almost two weeks. He tolerates it for the first five minutes or so, and then gives me a couple gags (totally normal, I know). I'm confused as to whether I should keep going with him or wait a little longer.

He doesn't flat-out refuse the spoon or the cereal, but he doesn't act like he really wants it either. He will open his mouth when the spoon gets near, though. I thought it was maybe just the bland oatmeal, so I gave him a teeny-tiny taste of pears (mixed in with the oatmeal and BM) the other day. He did the prerequisite lip smacking and seemed to like it.

So, my question: Should I keep going and introduce purees and see what he does? Or does it sound like he's not ready yet? 

Background: when I started Geneva on solids, she ate it like a hungry little bird. She couldn't get enough. Ol' fat boy here seems to either take it or leave it. I'm of the mind to keep going - because, in the grand scheme of things, it's just practice, right?

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Re: Solids - 5 month old

  • I'd go ahead and do some purees.  For us it has been about consistency in those early days.  Neither of my girls liked really runny cereal.  I thickened it a little and they did great.  
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  • I personally would wait if he doesn't seem interested, and try again in a week or so, but I didn't start til 6 months with either of my kids because I find feeding food to be a lot of work ;) We also did BLW with Lila and you don't start that until 6 months.

    Then again if he tolerates it for 5 minutes or so just do it for that amount of time and when he gets bored stop.  

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  • Just sounds like he's not ready to me.

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  • imagefrlcb:

    Then again if he tolerates it for 5 minutes or so just do it for that amount of time and when he gets bored stop.  

     I would do this. If he's happy and willingly eats it for 5 minutes, I'd go with it. As soon as he gets upset I would stop. Maybe he will gradually increase the time on his own or maybe he's full? Also, we didn't do cereals long with A. Rice cereal made her gassy/constipated and she had a couple bad reactions to oatmeal and may have an oat allergy. She will get tested between 9 -12 months. She loves purees way more than she ever liked cereal. I say no harm in trying the purees. If he doesn't like that either, you will know just to take it slow.

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  • It could just be the cereal if he was doing the mouth smacking with the pears. While Derek liked cereal, Parker refused it from day one but he would gobble down any fruit or veggie puree we gave him. You could try the puree and if he loves it and continues eating, great. If he doesn't seem a fan, maybe wait a little while for solids.
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  • Neither of my boys would eat the cereal/oatmeal. Bryce actually spit it back at me. Once I went to purees Bailey loved it but he was 5 1/2 months when we started. We did BLW with Bryce at 6 months old b/c he hated to be spoon fed and still hates us to feed him.
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  • I'd try other purees.  If he resists those, maybe take a break for a week or two.
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