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Where did my good baby go? :(

Hello guys, I'm not new to the website I had an account way back before I had my children, but I have since moved from Seattle WA, to Coats, NC.  My babies are growing fast, but I have recently encountered an issue and would truly appreciate some advice...

 Up until the last few weeks I have had the ideal child. I always said she was my reward for dealing with my first child's nine months of colic/gerd.  But about 2 weeks ago she has become a monster.  She wont sleep, she wants to eat constantly, cries about 90 percent of her waking hours.  Not just crying, SCREAMING. She won't let me hold her, cuddle her, sing to her. Wont take a bath, no fever, no sickness, no teeth, Tylenol wont help. Rocking doesn't help, car rides don't help.  Nothing.  I can not soothe her.  She follows me around screaming nonstop.  When I pick her up she stops for a few seconds then starts slapping me uncontrollably.  I'm at my wits end... I try to be grateful that I have my beautiful children when so many can't, but today I caught myself wishing I could just send her away.  She had her vaccinations around the same time that this all began and I've heard they can be linked to depression and other issues, but I don't know if I'm just over reacting and this is normal or what... advice please.

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  • How old is she? I'm sorry you're having a rough time, there is nothing worse than a crying baby
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  • She's one.  Just turned one in Jan. She's not getting molars or anything she has all her teeth... Someone suggested she may have an ear infection, and that could be, she's scheduled to get tubes in April, but she's had a ton of ear infections and never acted like this.   It wouldn't be so bad if I knew why she was crying or if I could help her... but this is just insane, and i feel guilty for being angry b/c I know she isn't capable of doing this intentionally.
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  • I would definitely bring her in for a checkup. An ear infection was my first thought. Did you recently introduce new foods or milk? Maybe she's having allergies/relfux.  

    Just curious, why is she not getting tubes until April? DS got tubes last winter and it was less than a month from our first ENT appt to when he got the surgery done. I would hate waiting that long especially during "cold" season. 

    I hope you have answers soon! Be sure to take some breaks for yourself so you don't go crazy from her tears.  

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  • I'd bring her in for a check-up - that sounds like a lot of screaming! :(
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