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doctor suggestions on west side of city

Good afternoon,

My husband and I are relocating to the Cleveland area at the end of March and I need to find a new OBGYN. I'm trying to research doctors and hospitals online but it's hard. I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant, and I've already seen my doctor here in Virginia twice and had an ultrasound - so all good so far! I have an appt schedule with her again here the week before we move to Ohio (in 4 weeks) so I need to get something set up for when I get to Ohio. I hate the idea of transferring doc's in the middle of this, but at least I'm still early in my pregnancy I guess.

Does anyone have any suggestions for doc's taking new patients? We will be living in Westlake. I read some good things about Fairview Hospital and Avon Women's Health Associates. Has anyone been to see this group? Any other suggestions? I appreciate the help!


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Re: doctor suggestions on west side of city

  • HI and Congrats!

    i am not sure if my doctor is taking new patients but i go to Lakewood Hospital Dr. Kristen Ekman. This is my second pregnancy and Dr Ekman is very laid back and friendly, always smiles. She delivers at Lakewood hospital (i had my first child there) and she also delivers at Fairview Hospital (i was born there adn my mom works in the NICU).  both facilities are AWESOME.

    if you go to Lakewood i would not recommend Dr Gitifoorz, she delivered my first child (Dr Ekman was out) and her bedside manner was very cold.


    hope this helps, have a safe trip!


  • I second Kristen Ekman - she delivers at both Lakewood and Fairview.  We'd planned to deliver at Fairview but ended up at Lakewood and had a great experience.  If Sharon Sutherland is still practicing on this side of town, I've heard good things about her.

    Wecome to the west side! 

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  • I saw a CNM while I was pregnant, Colleen Brezine. She is fabulous! She delivers at St. John Westshore, which is in Westlake. The nurses there were all really great. We had a great experience there!
  • Thank you all so much! :)
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