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I am planning a shower for my best friend for about 80 people. I am on a tight budget and I am wondering if I have to give a favor to everyone. Most of the showers I went to gave away a lot of prizes for games but I wasn't planning on doing that either because of the budget constraint. Is it rude not to send everyone home with something? If I should give everyone a favor or prize do you have any recommendations on something easy and cheap that I could give away? Even $1 a piece takes a large chunk out of my budget. She can't invite less people because she has a very large family and it would be hurtful not to invite everyone. Thanks for your advice!

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  • I personally have never been to a shower that didn't either have a favor or a prize for games.  One person just had a small truffle (unwrapped but on a little paper) at each seat.  We did cookies from the bakery for mine but you could mix up a batch very inexpensively or even chcololate covered pretzels and put in a baggie with a "thank you" tag.  I've hosted a lot of babyshowers and seriously have never made or boughten favors...the MTB always has done that.  Since you are taking care of the shower for a tremendous amout of people perhaps the MTB could take over that expense if she wants favors.  Hopefully they all aren't able to come!  lol
  • Yeah, most showers have some kind of favor, but I vote for don't worry about it! As long as you treat your guests to a great afternoon, you will have fulfilled your job as hostess. Only a total jerk would leave a nice shower and think about how they got screwed out of a favor, you know?
  • Thanks for the advice everyone. I like the idea of doing something simple like candy or cookies. I am also going to check with the MTB to see what she had in mind. You are right, she might be planning on doing this herself. Some of the showers that I have been to had both prizes and favors and some just had a lot of prizes for baby bingo so I should talk to her about what they do in her family.
  • I have never understood favors either. But since it seems to be best and what the norm is maybe you could make cookies and even like dip them in chocolate...blue or pink chocolate maybe...and wrap them in saran wrap with a ribbon bow.

    Seems like a good option to me...cheap and useful. I know I always think the favors are cute but unless it's food related it always seems to go in the back of a drawer or cupboard and then gets tossed 1+ year later....

    Or potentially you could involve the guest of honor and see what she thinks about favors. I would certainly offer to help make cookies or possibly even pay for the favors if I wanted them and didn't want to put the effort into them...

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