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When did your LO get teeth?

My DD is almost 10 months old and she still has no teeth!!  My oldest had 4 teeth by 10 months old.  (It's hard not to compare but I do.)  When did your LO get teeth? Has anyone ever heard that the longer it takes them to come in as babies, the longer they will stay in their mouth as adults?

TIA! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Re: When did your LO get teeth?

  • DD got her first tooth at 5 months and had 6 teeth by the time she turned 1.  I have heard that the longer it takes to get them, the longer they will stay.  I know of several little ones that didn't get teeth until after 10 months then get a bunch real quick.
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  • DS was kind of a late bloomer with teeth...he didn't get his first tooth until 10 months. Now he is almost 14 months, and he is just getting his 6th tooth.   I've heard that the later they get their teeth, the less prone they are to cavities...or something like that!
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  • DD was 3 months when she got her first. She has 8 now. 
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  • DS got his tooth at 5.5 months and one more shortly after. I have also heard that the later the teeth came out the less prone they are to cavities, but I am not sure if that is true. My sister got her first tooth at 3.5 month. She has pretty healthy teeth I must say. But that is only one case I know. Anyways. Don't worry, she will grow teeth:) A friend of mine told me just yesterday that her 11+ month old just cut her first tooth.
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  • My baby got his two bottom teeth at 10 months and his top 4 at 12 months. A friend's child got her first teeth at 18 months! And she got her first permanent teeth at 7. I hear the longer it takes for them to come in, the better.
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  • DS got his first around 6 months, but I didn't get mine til close to a year. I was 5 weeks premature, but that's still a big difference between when I got them and when DS got them.
  • My little guy got his first tooth on his 6th month 'birthday' - the second one showed up a week or so later. Nothing new since then (7 months now and not even lumpy gums)
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  • My DS has one coming in we noticed it yesterday. I've been feeling around this poor guy's mouth for so long. Yes, the longer they take to come in the better.  My oldest son 23 was 12 months and only had one tooth his teeth are very strong and never had a cavity.  My other two kids teeth came in early (5/6 months) and they've had a cavity or two. So I'm fine that my DS is going on 8 months and just starting to get something there.
  • We got our first a couple of weeks ago, the second I noticed yesterday and a third is waiting in the wings.  I've heard that the longer they take to come in, the stronger they are.  My mom tells me I started getting my teeth around 8 months and outside of grinding issues (stress-related), I haven't had any problems with my teeth whatsoever.  The exact opposite is true for DH.  He doesn't know when his first started coming in, but he's had nothing but problems with his teeth.
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  • She got her two bottom teeth around 4 months and just got her two top in in the past two weeks. They're coming in twos!  
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  • My son just turned one a few weeks ago and he has all of his teeth. He got his first 2 when he was 3 months old. Thats not common though
  • My daughter barely had 2 teeth just breaking through at her 1st b-day. She's 17 months old and working on #7 and 8....
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  • Wow lots of variation! Thanks for all the replies!

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  • Heh, FB helped me remember :)... I took a pic of Milo on Jan 22 (just after he turned 9 months) and he had one tooth, and a second about to break out.  He now (exactly one month later) has 4 teeth, two center top and two center bottom.  They all came in pretty quickly (he's had all four for maybe a couple of weeks now.  No real sign of any others.  

    PS. I don't know if teeth sprouting is affected by prematurity, but he'll be 9 months adjusted next week.  So somewhere around 8-10 months here.

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  • DS got his first one around 7 months and had most of them by 1 year.
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