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Paoli Hospital?

Has anyone delivered at or been to Paoli hospital?  That's where my doctor delivers at so I was just wondering if anyone else has delivered there or heard anything about it?  Thanks!

Re: Paoli Hospital?

  • I delivered my son there back in 2009. Wonderful experience!

    The nurses were great, the hospital was clean. I would absolutley recomend.

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  • I plan on having my next lo there.  I have heard great things and when I went to see my sister-in-law in August after she delivered there, it was very nice.  They recently built a whole new maternity ward and the rooms are rather large.  They only have a lounge chair for your husband to sleep on (Bryn Mawr gave my husband a cott).
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  • I delivered there recently, and I had a wonderful experience.  The nurses were all so nice, calm, and helpful.  I was on the fence about getting an epidural, and without even mentioning that, my L&D nurse suggested I skip it because I was really far along when I got to the hospital.  So if you are considering "natural," my experience was that they are very supportive of that.  The rooms are nice, and the food they deliver to the rooms is much better than the cafeteria food.
  • I had DS2 there in September. It was great!
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