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I had a RCS on Monday (2nd breech baby).  It was another wonderful c-section experience, and I'm so thankful that my baby and I are doing well:D  

We checked in at 7:30am for the 9:30 c-section, but there were a couple of emergency c-sections before mine started, so we had to wait almost 2 hours.  I started having contractions since the night before, and I really started feeling them while I was waiting.  I didn't mind waiting though, because those ladies were laboring and pushing all night...  The anesthesiologist was also busy doing 5 more epidurals done before my c-section.  The wait made me wonder if it was a boy or a girl a little more, but that made it more exciting!

When it was my turn, everything went very smoothly.  The spinal was quick and painless.  The doctors and nurses in the OR made me feel very comfortable, and we were chatting about random things.  Before I knew it, my ob told me, "not long now..." and I was like, "already???"  Everyone knew that we were team green, so when the baby came out, my ob said, "now you have a GIRL!!!" and they all screamed "it's a GIRL!!!" as my daughter started crying very loudly.  They lowered the curtain and showed her to me.  I was such a magical moment, and I was so happily surprised!  My husband thought he would only have sons in his life, so he was literally in shock!  I know it sounds silly, but he is from a very male dominant family that produces only one girl in each generation.  All of his cousins are men except for one, and so far my son's cousins have been all boys too.

As we were trying to comprehend this wonderful news, my ob checked my uterus for a possible reason that I had 2 breech babies in a row.  She said that my uterus looked normal and that there was no reason.  She just happened to be breech just like his brother.

They brought her into my arms, and we took some pictures.  The anesthesiologist told me that it might take a couple of minutes extra to finish the c-section since this was my second, but I thought it was much faster than my first.  My daughter was off to the nursery for checking, and I was off to recovery.

The first 20 minutes after the surgery, I felt great!  I was clearheaded, and I was able to enjoy meeting my daughter while chatting with my husband.  Then, as I was moved to the postpartum unit, the nausea kicked in.  That was probably the most unpleasant thing so far.  I threw up 3 times by the evening, and while I was throwing up, I couldn't take the oral medication, so I was pretty uncomfortable.

We are still staying at the hospital.  I got the staples taken out today, and hopefully there will be no complications so we can go home tomorrow.  I'm a little bit more sore than after my first c-section, but I'm also taking less medications.  I feel stronger each day.  The awkwardness of the first two days dealing with a catheter and IV lines are over, so I say the worst is over.  

My daughter is doing wonderfully.  She loves breastfeeding and worked hard, so my milk came in yesterday.  I can't stop looking at her:D  My son was very happy to see his little sister, but he quickly moved on to playing with his dad, which was expected, lol!  

Overall, I'm very happy about my second c-section experience:)  

Good luck to everyone!   

m/c - Dec 2005, DS - March 27, 2007, m/c - Oct 2009, DD - Feb 20, 2012

Proud mother of two breech babies:)

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