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Postpartum Depression

How to tell if you're depressed

What are the signs and symptoms? I love my LO to death and wouldn't change anything in the world about her, it's just I want a break and cant get one. I just need everything to stop for 10 minutes.  Ive been crying a lot lately and just very unhappy with the relationship I have with my husband. 

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Re: How to tell if you're depressed

  • depressed people cant feel joy, cant feel love and are constantly in the dark... cant think clearly, see everything in a negative way... at least that is how I have experienced depression...
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  • Post Partum Depression can take many forms.

     This website (Post Partum Progress) was really good at helping me gauge my emotions and if they were closer to PPD than just regular hormones.

    I recommend going through it, talking about it with your husband, and then making an appointment with a doctor if you suspect you really have PPD.

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