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???'s for anyone that has delivered at Fairview before?

I am going to be delivering my baby at Fairview Hospital and was just looking for some info about them from anyone that has delivered there.  I am planning on a NUCB and wondered how supportive the staff there is with natural unmedicated births?  Do they have or allow you to bring birthing balls?  Also wonder if they have tubs to labor in?  I don't particularly want a water birth but would like to be able to labor in a tub if I feel like it.  I will be taking a tour at some point and will certainly ask these questions of them then as well.  TIA

Re: ???'s for anyone that has delivered at Fairview before?

  • I don't know some of your answers but just wanted to say I delivered the twins there in 2010 & then my most recent in 2011 & I absolutely loved Fairview.  W/ the twins there was a tub in the laboring room (ended up C-section after 26 hours labor).  I'm pretty sure as long as everyone's healthy (you & baby) you can have a labor ball & they are excellent w/ unmedicated births too.  They support your decision & will not try to change your mind (at least for me it was that way)
  • I delivered my son at Fairview in August and they are great. As far as the support for NUCB a lot of that depends on your doctor. I had a midwife so she was very supportive of everything being natural. But, as far as the nurses go, the one nurse kept trying to convince me to get something (but I was induced and he was sunny side up) so the pain was excruciating and I was already in labor for 15 hours. But, all the other nurses were very supportive and helped in every way they could. (I did end up getting the epi. in the end though after 22 hours of labor) There are balls in the rooms, and the staff is very helpful with the use of them. There are only Tubs in some of the rooms, but they are great to labor in, but you are not allowed to deliver in them. Just make sure to request one Good luck! Even though we live in Parma now I will be driving to Fairview to deliver my next child if God blesses me with another.

    PS: The postpartum area is really nice too! 

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  • I delivered my first child at Fairview on 11/30/11, and I have to say it was the best experience that I could have ever asked for. I did have an epidural but I was told it didn't work ( I could still feel and move my legs ) so lets just say I went naturally! The nurses were awesome! I saw a specialist out of Fairview because I was a high risk pregnancy so my doctor that saw me through my whole pregnancy was the doctor to deliver ( not an on call doctor or another doctor from the same office ) He even called the hospital at all hours of the night to check on me! I did not have a bath tub in my room but I do know some rooms do.  Also they have the birthing balls in all the rooms.  The staff there through my 24 hour labor was phenominal! They truly made me feel at ease especially with all the pain I was in.  The after delivery suites are huge and set up very nicely, the staff up there are great too.  I was on serious pain medication after delivery and within seconds of hitting my call button the nurse was right there! I will make it a point if I were ever to have anymore children to deliver at Fairview!
  • my mom works in the NICU at Fairview and all of the staff there really love what they do and are great (just from an overall personal standpoint). I delivered at Lakewood for my first (had a great experience there) but i am thinking about delivering at Fairview for this baby (because of the GREAT things i hear)... 



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