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I've never been before, but my play group was thinking about going tomorrow. There will be a 19 month old, a 17 month old, and 2 14 month olds.

But I'm looking at the website and it really just looks like there's the one crawling area for the under-2 set, and then the rest of it looks geared more towards the older kids. Is it worth us driving all the way down there (30-45 mins probably) and paying the admission for this, do you think? Or should I push to go to Catch Air or something instead?

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  • With kids that small, you're guaranteed to get run over by a field trip. DH took DD there when she was around 2 and said it was no fun. She's big for her age and still got pushed around by kids twice her size. I wouldn't do it just yet.
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  • My 9 month old loves it.  I think there is some stuff for the smaller kids.  There is the small crawling area, but there is also an area for 4 and under that has a huge water area and tree house with slides.  There is also a big moon sand area, painting area, food area where they can pretend to shop, a few block areas, and a place to play dress up.  I think some of those would be fun for younger kids.
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  • We've gone twice and my oldest got ran over even in the 4 and under area. They didn't enforce it either time we went. Bailey is a big kid but these kids were like 5-7 years old so much bigger then my kid.
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  • We took E for her 1st birthday (she had been walking since 10.5 months) and it really wasn't all that fun for her. I think it is probably pretty great once they are about 2.5 or 3, but I probably wouldn't bother at this point if it is a 30 minute drive.
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  • We just went this morning, and even with M being almost 2, she got trampled a bit.  I got the side-eye from a few chaperones because I told the school kids to wait their turn when they pushed in front of Marlowe.  Whatever, if I expect my two year old to share and take turns, I certainly expect a 10 year old to do the same!  

    We did get a bit of a reprieve when they had all the school groups sit down for a performance, too bad it was only 15 minutes long.  At the ages of your LOs though, I don't think they'd get much out of it. 

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  • Glad to hear all the reviews! I had thought about getting a season pass so I could keep the kiddo entertained on yucky days, but it sounds like it would not be the way to go. I guess we will stick with the zoo on nice days, and Leaping Lizards on the crummy ones...
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  • thanks for all the input! We did end up going to Catch Air and the kids had a lot of fun, so I guess it was the right call.
  • I forgot to add that we found out Monday is "no field trip" day, so we may try going then next time.  There were a lot of things that interested M, but the big kids definitely had the run of the place. 
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