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not sure what to think about my first appointment!

the doctor felt on my uterus and said he thought that we figured i was about seven weeks or close too. he said that my uterus felt more like ten weeks. he tried listening for a heartbeat but couldnt hear one. he said it could b one of three things, one...that the dates are off and i am in fact ten weeks..which i dont think is true because even tho i kno u can still have a period while pg which my last one was on jan second. ... i had taken a test two weeks prior to my positive one and it was negative. if i am actually ten weeks then that test shoulda been positive because i would have been atleast 

Re: not sure what to think about my first appointment!

  • ...four weeks. or there could be twins.........or i could just have a larger uterus. large uterus, means what? sounds weird. well he ordered me an us, so im doin that on sunday
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  • man. you are lucky you got to see a doc that soon at a military hospital. i went at 8 weeks and they just did blood work and i didn't even have a doc yet. i'm at 12wk and i finally saw the doc and they did an ultrasound this time. that is weird about the feeling thing so early. instead of just doing a quick u.s. to see the actual size.
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  • FWIW we couldn't hear DD's heart beat with the doppler until 12 weeks and even then the OB could barely hear it and I couldn't hear it at all until the next visit a month later. 
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  • My OB didn't try to hear the HB until around 13 weeks. He mentioned that it's usually so hard to hear it much before that and he'd rather not freak newly expectant moms out. My first appointment was at around 8  weeks and really nothing happened except a pretty intense questionnaire. I'd say you had a pretty thorough 1st appointment. There is plenty of time to figure out exactly how far along you are at this point and how big your uterus may or may not be.

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