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Hi everyone, The Adoption Prayer Group is a support group utilizing the power of prayer. If you want to join I will assign you a prayer buddy and all you have to do is simply include that person in your prayers. Very simple-yet powerful!!! The complete listing of partners can be found under Prayer Partners. I usually post on Wednesdays. Feel free to search under Adoption Prayer Group and check in at whatever time of day. If you have any concerns, special prayer requests, or need to reach me outside of the bump please email me at [email protected]

If you want to join the group and be linked up with a prayer partner please provide the following info: your name, and if you choose your email address. If you?re not comfortable with posting your email address, please feel free to send me a private message with your email address.

Prayer Partners: Joe?s Sweet Pea and Silliest Bunny, Katybug_h and Jen is Silly, Sugardumpling and Ginger71, babywisher and firecracker8, julandjo and cogbot, GnomeSweetGnome and srmmm09, kellz ([email protected]) and Amber, Gracie Sue Nicole and Brenda, Porsha and pinkzebra, Honeydew and Potatohead, MandertheDB and Amy720, Layafette Girl and msamerica.

This Week?s Events:  February 21: GnomeSweetGnome is going to an information meeting at an agency.

Praise: Sarai0316: She picked up Baby J from the hospital on February 9!!! Congratulations, Sarai0316!!! Also her adoption prints came back and she is certified!

Ambie0611: Her agency does payment plans so she doesn?t have to worry about having the money right away. Also, her relationship with her mom has calmed down.

Special Prayer Requests: Please let me know if you have any prayer requests. Katybug_h: She?s been very emotional lately, when she thinks of reunifying their foster son with his bio mom.  She?s so happy that the bio mom is getting her life together, but a little piece of her is sad that he may be leaving in the near future.  Please pray that she finds peace in this whole situation.  Also, please pray for her and her DH as they find out more information about this new sibling group.  

My prayer request: First a praise, we passed our fire inspection! We are currently getting our paperwork ready to submit. Please pray that everything goes well and we pass the homestudy. 

Joe?s Sweet Pea: The MRI came back showing a 12 mm mass. Her biopsy is on February 15. Please keep her in your prayers.

Welcome new members! Please join me in welcoming Pepiono_627 J 

Reflection for the day:  Matthew 11:28: Come to me, all you that are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.Question of the day:  What is one of your husband?s characteristics that you admire? For me, it?s his optimism. Group updates:
-If you have any upcoming events (appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) be sure to let me know so I can post them in the events section!!

Re: Adoption Prayer Group

  • I love the scripture verse today.  I am praying for all of you that are going through hard times.

    Question:What is one of your husband?s characteristics that you admire?

    I admire his willingness to help anyone who needs it.  There have been many times family and friends have asked him to help with something and he drops whatever he is doing and helps.


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    You didn't grow in my tummy, but in my heart!!

  • QOTD: One thing I admire about my husband is his optimism.  He always tries to look on the bright side of things and to lift me up, rather than commiserate with me in my cynicism.  I need that in my life!

    Update: We attended an orientation at Catholic Charities yesterday, and we've decided to use them as our agency.  We still won't be able to apply until next January or so, but I've requested the application materials so I can look through them and have time to think about anything that may be tough to answer, etc.  We're excited to have taken the first step!

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  • QOTD -  I admire my husband's work ethic.  He hasn't taken a sick day in 13 years and everyday he makes sure to get something accomplished around the house.  If the cars don't need work or the lawn doesn't need mowed he'll take care of something I usually do, like laundry or cleaning up the inside of the house.  There is NO WAY I could call him lazy :)

    Thanks for the weekly scripture. I needed that one.

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    IVF our only option for biological baby
    May '11 Decided we are moving on to adoption!
  • I will continue to pray for everyone.   

    Question:What is one of your husband?s characteristics that you admire?

    I admire that he is so patient and willing to give to others.  No matter what others ask he is always willing to jump in and help them...even if that means giving up something and getting nothing in return.  He is the most giving person I have ever met.


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    B born 1/3/2012. Adoption finalized 12/27/12

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    Everyone welcome


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  • My praise..... After not 1, but 2 ULTRASOUNDS this week, the radiologist, the head/neck specialist and the x-ray tech COULD NOT FIND THE MASS!!!  Thank you for all of the prayers.

    My favorite trait of my husband: is his genuine kindness.  He helps out people in need and friends and family members without contemplation.  He is such a gentle and kind man.  I love him.... Call me crazy! 

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