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Baptism gift ideas

I know I'm probably a little late, but I'm going to a baptism on Sunday and need gift ideas.   Help! 

Re: Baptism gift ideas

  • I always give something silver.  Usually a silver piggy bank.  If it is a close friend or family I add a savings bond.
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  • We got a children's bible for each girl on their baptism days.  My MIL also got each girl an engraved silver comb and brush set.  Those were our FAVORITE gifts.  I prefer keepsake stuff.  We also got a few religious children's books, one of those Willow Tree statues (of a little girl with a heart I think), picture frames.....I think that's all.
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  • There is this cute book called "My Baptism Book" that a friend gave my son and it is really cute!  I'm sure they have it at B&N
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  • I tend to go the less traditional route and buy things the kid likes. We recieved a few children's Bible story books that DS loves. I also like to give a noah's ark theme gift with a book and animal toys for the kid to play with.
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