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Pediatrician rec - Acworth/Kennesaw??

Any recommendations on a Pediatrician in the Acworth/Kennesaw area?  And when should I start contacting/meeting with them?  I'm due at the end of July.  TIA.
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Re: Pediatrician rec - Acworth/Kennesaw??

  • We see Dr. Kewin at Kenmar Pediatrics.  Their main office in in Marietta but we go to the Acworth office (it is located at the corner of 41 and Mars Hill Rd).  I can't say enough wonderful things about her.  She is really a fantastic doctor.  We switched from Kennesaw Pediatrics because I didn't like some of the doctors in the practice.  So far we have seen Dr. Kewin and the Nurse Practitioner at Kenmar and they are both great.  What I like most about Dr. Kewin is she always takes her time, the appointments never feel rushed, and you can tell that she really cares.  Good luck!  
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  • We go to Kennesaw pediatrics, spacifically Dr. Brugner, and love love love her! Drs Strauss and Yount are great too! I've had one negative experience with a dr there, but she's not there anymore.
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  • same as Guz.  we go to kennesaw pediatrics.  LOVE Dr Brugner and we also really like Dr Strauss and Dr Long.  :)


  • Love Kenmar!  Originally we saw Dr. Dixon but he has left the practice and now we see his wife Dr. Greene.  But I really like all the Dr's there.  Great staff too.  Just give them a call to find out when you should tour.  I was supposed to do my tour at 37 wks w/ DS but ended up having him that day so maybe before that :-)  I took my chances with whoever was the on call doc and ended up loving Dr. Dixon so it all worked out for us.






  • We also go to Kennesaw Pediatrics and have always been really pleased with them. We have seen nearly every doctor there and dont have anything negative to say about any of them.

    I would start visiting in you have a pediatrician all set once your due date nears.

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  • We go to East Cobb Peds in Marietta and really like them. They have a Kennesaw office that I've heard good things about.
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