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Build-a-Bear from Daddy

Husband is deploying the beginning of April and we are expecting our 1st child, a daughter, at the end of April.

We ordered a build-a-bear for my husband to record his voice on. He has 10 seconds to record. Any suggestions for creative quotes, lyrics, poems, rhymes, messages he could record for his baby girl to listen to for 6 months until his return?

Thanks =)

Re: Build-a-Bear from Daddy

  • My DH just did this for my LO. He left when she was 10 weeks, and she is now 6 1/2 months and absolutely LOVES it!

    He says... "Hi (insert child's name), it's Daddy. I love you, I miss you, and can't wait to come home and see you."

     HTH or at least gives you an idea!

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  • OP, please remove the exact deployment date from your post. Troop movement dates should be protected. OPSEC is important for all.

    As for the voice recorder, I agreed with PP, I would have him say the baby's name and then, "This is Daddy, I love you!".

    My DH missed our LO's birth, but was home for R&R when LO was two months old. We went to Build A Bear to build a bear. When the employee told us to pick out a heart and rub it on his heart, we both lost it. There we were, crying away at Build A Bear Workshop. I suggest being prepared with tissues (and waterproof mascara!).
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  • I took DD to BABW and we made one together with a message. My message was similar to PP, it just said "Hi R! I love you so much." and I blew her a big noisy kiss (she always blows noisy kiss for me when I'm gone, so I left one for her for always.)

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