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I am currently 4 months along in my first pregnancy and I am super excited for the adventure of parenthood! I have always been interested in water birth even before I was pregnant. My husband and I went a couple of weeks ago to check out MMC (mountain midwifery center) and really liked it, it's philosophies and all that the facility had to offer. After attending a required orientation we were excited to schedule our first appointment. When I called I was told they have no availability for my birth month even their waiting list was full. After being extremely disappointed I have regrouped myself and I am trying to explore different options. The only other place in the state of Colorado  that offers water birth is University of Colorado Center for Midwifery. Any information or advise about this center from someone who has experience from there would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • I am going there for this baby.  I have only had a couple of appts so far but I really like the midwives I have met.  The reason I chose them for my care was because I want to VBAC and they have a great VBAC rate, and also it's covered by insurance.  Although they do offer waterbirth, I have been warned that it may not be available because they have only one water telemetry unit and someone else could be using it or it could be not working when you get there.

    I was planning to have my first at MMC, and while I liked their philosophy, after many discussions with other moms who have had to transfer out like me, they are VERY cautious when it comes to transferring--meaning that they might jump the gun a little on transferring you, a CYA kind of thing.  I also have heard that it's becoming so popular that wait times are an issue.

    Anyway, good luck in whatever you choose! 

    After more than a year, 1 IUI, 1 m/c, then acupuncture/TCM = natural cycle BFP on 12/5/11!

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  • I think there might be a water birth center at Swedish Hospital - not sure, but thought I heard that somewhere.  Good luck!
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