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Bouncer seat and a toddler

So I got a bouncer on consignment sale for P. We didnt have one with L. It never occurred to me that the slot (hole) where the toy bar slips in would be a problem until last night. Apparently it is the perfect size for a two year old to stick their finger in and get stuck! I panicked big time and DH managed to work her finger loose with Vaseline. So for those of you with toddlers you might want to check those slots on the baby gear. Thankfully L is ok.
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Re: Bouncer seat and a toddler

  • Get ready for even more misadventures!  Toddlers plus baby gear = Mommy is STRESSED!  Hahaha.  Getting stuck or whatever else may discourage the curiousity eventually and if not, well, you will only have to deal with this temptation for 6 months or so until P grows out of it.  At which time be prepared to feel like you are all ready to go all printer-scene from Office Space on the baby gear.
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  • I'm glad she's ok. Owen has already climbed into the bouncy,  exert saucer, and jumperoo. Im sure it'll be even more fun when the baby actually wants to play with this stuff. :)

     And I LOL at the office space reference. I have a feeling I'll be there before when I try to get them apart to wash the seats and then put them back together. I should probably start trying now.  

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  • I gave almost all my stuff away, not even bothering to try to sell it on CL.  And if anyone accepted my generous donation, they were instructed to let it be a one way, exit only acceptance in that they either kept it themselves or passed it on to someone else.
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