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Charlotte - Presby Matthews or Uptown?

Would you deliver at Presby Matthews or Presby Uptown?  My ob delivers at Presby uptown, but Matthews is closer to home.  I'm only 6 weeks so I still have time to change.  Any feedback?

Re: Charlotte - Presby Matthews or Uptown?

  • i just delivered at presby matthews and have to say if you want to basically go to a hospital where you will get undivided attention because there are only 4 or 5 moms on the entire floor at one time then definitely go there. in terms of amenities for your family at the cafeteria they arent as good as presby uptown but i think the accomodations for mom more then make up for it.
  • I delivered uptown in 2010 and will again
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  • I had my first at Presby Matthews and will be delivering there again this time.  Like PP said, it's not as busy as uptown and it's just a very nice environment.  My friend just delivered at uptown and it was nice but very large and much busier.  She dind't have any bad experiences but did say she wished she had pushed for Matthews since it was close to home (makes it easier on DH if he needs to run home, etc) and she mentioned the drive in while in labor was what really made her wish she had picked the closer hospital.  Just a few things to think about!
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  • I delivered at Presby Matthews too in 2010 and would definitely deliver there again. I've had friends deliver both at Presby Main and CMC and even though they were nice you just get a much more personable experience at Matthews. Parking is also easier for guests and the getting around in general through out the Hospital is easier. There is more of a 'community' feel to it. :)
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