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More hospitalization.

Last year we were in the hospital 3 times with pnemonia. We have had our first trip of 2012.  The doctor has insisted that we remove the carpeting in M's room.  So today out goes the carpet and in comes the laminate flooring.  Give me strength.
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Re: More hospitalization.

  • I'm so sorry.  Poor M.  And mom and dad!  Hope he is feeling better soon.  Left Hug

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  • I hope he is feeling better soon.

    It is amazing what carpet holds in.  If we owned a home we would have no carpet.  Wood/tile/linoleum etc is so much easier to keep clean.  We rent and have carpet and eventhough we have our own steam cleaner and clean our carpets every couple of weeks, it is amazing how filthy they get in that time.

    Good Luck with the renovation!


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  • Good luck on this, but you will be happy with the results, health wise. 
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  • Yikes that is a lot of trips to the hospital.  In my old house I had hardwood in  the bedrooms and it was super easy to keep clean.  Hope this makes M feel better.

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  • Oh, no!  I hope he's ok!
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  • I hope he's feeling better soon. Good luck with the laminate!
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  • Carpets can be evil. I hope getting rid of it will reduce your trips to the hospital.
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  • Oh no. I am so sorry. We are having our new floors installed Tuesday. I will let you know if it makes a difference. I hope lil M feels better soon.
  • But it's all done. Woot!
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