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DH just called with good news!

I just have to share this news with someone, but since it's early morning I probably shouldn't call and wake anyone in the family.  So I'm telling all of you... 

My husband is currently deployed, but about a week before he left he called me at work one day telling me he had to make a decision by 6pm that evening.  He told me he had been called into his squadron commander's office and was told that he was nominated for a year long position at the Wing.  Apparently every year the Wing takes two officers from the squadrons that it houses and they get to go work in the office there.  He would still be part of his squadron, but would just be on loan to the to the Wing for a year.  His commander emphasized that it's a really good opportunity and looks great on the career record and makes advancement easier because the two guys that get this position get a lot of face time with the Generals of the Wing.   I told him to go out for the position, because I want him to do anything he can that's beneficial to his career and it sounds like a really great opportunity.   So he went back to his commander and told him that he would accept the nomination.  He didn't think he would get the position though, because Offutt is a huge base and there are probably a lot of other guys in other squadrons who were also up for this position.

Well, he just called me to say that he got an email from his squadron commander and the commander of the wing telling him he got the position and he starts at the wing in May.   The email also said that he'll only have to fly once a month to keep his certification during that year, rather than the three time a month he has to do now.  And the thing my husband is most excited about is the fact that he wont have to deploy for that entire year.  His deployment schedule with his squadron is on a three month rotation.  But now he wont have to miss a single day of our daughter's first year of life.  The way things were looking he was going to be deployed over Grace's first Christmas and birthday, and he was really bummed about that.  But now he wont have to miss any of it.

This couldn't have come at a better time for us, since Grace will be here sometime in June and the three of us will be able to spend every day together during her first year!  I know a lot of military families don't get that opportunity and I never thought that we would either.

I'm so excited for my husband and really proud of him too! 

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