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Baby Sleeping ALL Day! This ok?

Hello ladies!  Anyone experience their baby sleep ALL day?  My baby is 3 days old and had been awake and sleeping on and off, but after a long night awake last night he finally managed to fall asleep at around 6am and has only woken up for maybe an hour total. He refuses to wake up no matter what we try.  He does manage to eat, thus far since midnight, he's eaten 7.5 oz and has only had 3 diaper changes.  Help please!
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Re: Baby Sleeping ALL Day! This ok?

  • My second is 10 days old and still a sleepy baby (total opposite from my first). She had a hard time waking in the beginning to nurse, so I found using a wet wash cloth helped. Try to wake the baby every 2-3 hrs during the day in order to get their days/nights correct.
  • Babies will have a total of about 5-6 hours of awake time, broken up into tiny bits, in the first month, so yes, totally normal.
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  • PP are right in that newbies sleep a TON, but I'd be worried that your LO only ate 7.5 oz. If they get dehydrated, one of the signs is extreme sleepiness. Just for peace of mind, I would be calling the pedi. GL!
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  • Totally, totally normal. No worries. My pedi said it's still normal for Hadley to be sleeping most of the day away at 2 months.
  • Does your baby have any jaundice? My son did this and when we went to the pedi he was quite jaundice with a reading of 17. My daughter was higher than him but not nearly as sick. We were put in the hospital for 3 days. Jaundice peaks between days 3-4.
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