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J&J Infant Tylenol Recall - bottle flaw


I don't know. I've been using the store brand infant Tylenol since DD was 3 months old. The bottle design is the same as Tylenol & I haven't had any issues with the protector thingy falling into the bottle. Is there an actual flaw or is it user error?

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Re: J&J Infant Tylenol Recall - bottle flaw

  • I have not had a problem with mine yet but I am using the Little product line right now. My challenge was trying to match up the recommended dosage with the difference in the dropper size. I like this dosing system better. I think it is just abundance of caution....I know JJ takes the reliability of their brand very seriously.
  • I traditionally buy the generic brand, but haven't had any issues with dosing. I agree with previous post, that Tylenol is taking safety very seriously, to protest their brand.    
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  • Oh, I don't mean to sound like I'm knocking J&J/Tylenol. I've been using the store brand & Tiny Remedies brand since DD started to use pain reliever/fever reducer meds because you couldn't get your hands on the Tylenol brand in my area due to a recall. I appreciate they take safety seriously. I just found it so odd that the bottle/dispenser isn't necessarily brand new (but new to the Tylenol brand) but so many people had problems with it. I think there were 17 complaints that prompted the recall.

    What prompted my post was when my local news reported on the story, it was said that if you inserted the syringe too hard, that was what caused the top to fall in. This made me assume more user error than faulty design. But we know what happens when you assume... I think I was wearing my cranky pants when I originally posted :) 

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