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Slow board for such a busy place..

Man Oh Man this board is soooo slow!

I'm going to rant now...

 Did y'all hear about the Hampton Walmart shooting yesterday ?(at the like 5:30pm mind you)

At least when it happens at night theres less possible innocent people that could get caught up in the cross fire but that time of day is crazy! I often go about that time of day when grocery shopping and I'm seriously glad I didnt have to yesterday.

And they think spending money to build these fancy shopping centers and expensive apts/townhouse is going to clear out the riff raff! AAAHHHHH NO!

I can  not wait to move up on out of this city!


Re: Slow board for such a busy place..

  • Just wait until they build that new Wal-Mart in Newport News.  That one will be even worse.  I can't wait to move away from Hampton/ NN either.....
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