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Postpartum Depression

My first post...

I've always scanned this board and now i finally feel like posting..

Just been feeling so BLAH all the time. My anxiety is taking over. Every little thing gets to me and my DH just seems to make it worse. I get annoyed/frustrated at everything he does and i know its not his fault but i know its hard on both of us. When im not worrying about every little burp or sniffle LO has i just feel numb. I always hear people say "it gets better" but i just keep wondering when? Not sure what to do to try and keep myself going and get through this, i'm just SOO tired of feeling like im going crazy and my brains going to explode. Ughhhhhh

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Re: My first post...

  • Hi.  This is my first time to post here too, but I'm a frequent lurker. 

    Do you have anyone to talk to?  You can always ask your ob about it.  In the mean time, get out of the house, meet your friends for lunch, and buy yourself something nice!...that's what I was told today to prevent ppd.  Staying home by yourself with your baby is really not good for you.

    I had a very hard time when I had my son for at least a year.  I didn't ask for help, and I wish I did.  I'm having this baby in 3 days, and this time, I'm hoping to enjoy taking care of my baby.  

    Good luck!! 

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    Proud mother of two breech babies:)

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