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Feel Good Friday!

For those that participated last week, you know the drill! Those new to FGF feel free to join up. Even if this week has been terrible, and you don't think there's anything to look forward to, I'm sure there's a little glimmer of something that just makes you happy to know it exists. Let's share some of those feel good feelings and focus on the positive of life.

What are you feeling good about today? Did something happen during the week that has really stood out, or are you looking forward to something this weekend? If you can't think positively then feel free to consider anything that wasn't "the worst thing ever". If your week sucked, find the least sucky part and focus on that.

Re: Feel Good Friday!

  • Honestly, this week has been pretty terrible for me. But in the massive amount of baby sickness, hectic scheduling, and hating my friends for enjoying life, I did manage to (finally!) apply for a passport. I know that by accomplishing that I will get to take my trip in September. Yes, it's a ways away, but there is now one less thing that would otherwise prevent me from going. So today I think I'm going to focus on tropical paradise in September.
  • Like PP, it has been a tough week, but I'm gonna try: 

    I am going to a really great Japanese restaurant tomorrow, and the ILs are paying :) 

    And today, my mom hinted that there might be a possibility of a vacation. I can live with even the possibility of something to look forward to. I need that for sure.  

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